DiaTele (WP2): Telemedicine follow-up of diabetes-related foot ulcers

Leader: Associate Professor Marjolein M. Iversen

The aim of this project is to obtain more information about:

  • What characterizes patients who are referred to specialist care with diabetes-related foot ulcers for the period 2009-2011.
  • Whether telemedicine follow-up care for people with diabetes-related foot ulcers in municipal health care is an equivalent alternative to traditional clinical follow-up in specialist care in relation to healing time.
  • Experiences with the process from the patient’s/user’s standpoint.

In this study, telemedicine follow-up means that the specialist and municipal health care use a mutual web-based coordination platform combined with pictures from a smart phone.

Method: First part of the study is a cross-sectional study mapping patients who are referred to specialist health care services. The second part is carried out as an intervention study. Among the municipalities in Stavanger and Stord, a randomized intervention group and a control group are being selected. In half of the municipalities, nurses in municipal health care will be offered close collaboration with specialist health care on foot ulcer follow-up (intervention group). The rest will be offered traditional follow-up in the hospital (control group).

Contact information: PhD Candidate Hilde Smith-Strøm