DiaPrim (WP4): Diabetes in municipal health care

Leader: Associate Professor Johannes Haltbakk

The aim of the studies in this work package is to:

  • Describe the prevalence of diabetes among people who are entitled to home-based care in Bergen municipality.
  • Identify the development of care needs in home-based care among recipients with and without diabetes.
  • Analyse connections between care needed, functionality and health in persons with diabetes who are receiving municipal health care services.
  • Assess how care service for persons in home-based care with diabetes is documented.
  • Identify factors that hinder and promote implementation of evidence-baced guidelines in nursing homes.
  • Analyse the effect of a specific intervention for implementation of evidence-baced guidelines and diabetes care procedures in nursing homes.

Method: HbA1c is measured to determine prevalence of diabetes in a randomized selection of patients in home-based care. In addition, a questionnaire will be used to collect data on care needs, functionality and health. An intervention study will be developed and carried out in nursing homes in Bergen municipality in relation to implementing evidence-baced guidelines and procedures on diabetes in nursing homes.

Contact information: PhD Candidate Therese Thuen Davies and Associate Professor Anne Haugstvedt