DiaComp (WP3): Health care professionals’ competencies and experiences with using new technology

Leader: Professor Marit Graue


Process evaluation of e-supervision and diabetes regulation 

Aim: Investigate how health care workers in general practice experience the implementation of internet-based guided self-management programs for adults with type 2 diabetes.

Method: Nurses and general practitioners who participate in the testing and implementation of an internet-based guided self-management program for adults with type 2 diabetes will be invited to participate in focus group interviews.

Contact information: Associate Professor Bjørg Oftedal


Process evaluation of telemedicine and diabetes-related foot ulcers

Aim: Investigate what experiences and challenges health care professionals in specialist health care and home-based nursing face in implementing complex interventions.

Method: Health care professionals and leaders who participate in testing and implementing telemedicine care for persons with diabetes-related foot ulcers will be invited to participate in focus group interviews. The interview guide will cover positive factors and benefits related to the intervention, as well as negative aspects and barriers connected to implementing telemedicine care using a mutual web-based collaboration platform combined with pictures from a smart phone.

Contact information: PhD Candidate Beate-Christin Hope Kolltveit